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Sign up for a new class by contacting us.

Saturday  8AM-9AM       TAI CHI  @ MASS. TKD  ACADEMY., 50 Bond Street, East Long, MA
                                           This class accepts new students at any time.  $10 per class.

Tuesday    3PM-4PM           VETERANS QIGONG @ Leeds VA Hospital, Northampton, MA

                                               This is a free program.  Takes place at the Rec Hall

Wednesday  6:30-7:30PM    QIGONG @  Doverbrook Estates, Chicopee, MA                                           Qigong with some Tai Chi training.  $5 per class!  Must be a resident.

Thursday  10AM-11AM      VETERANS QIGONG @ The Vet Center, West Springfield, MA
                   11AM-12PM     This is a free program for any Vet who signs up at the Vet Center

​​We also offer private lessons for Tai Chi and Qigong at reasonable rates.  Contact us for more info.


We are always looking to expand, so please look at our contact information if you are interested.

*Clothing requirement for class
Barefeet, socks, or "indoor shoes"
Loose, comfortable clothing
That's it!

All classes $10 per class
No contracts
No additonal fees 
New students welcome at any time