Monday                        1PM-2PM                   TAI CHI SHORT FORM @ East Longmeadow Library, at the rotary.

 New class                                                         Call the library for pricing and to sign up    ​starts on March 11th

Monday                       10AM-11AM              TAI CHI SHORT  FORM  @ Memorial Hall, Main St., Monson, MA.                    New class                                                        $2 per class--call 413.267.4121 to sign up  starts  on March 11th

Monday                      2PM-3PM               TAI CHI SHORT FORM @ East  Longmeadow Library, at the rotary.

                                                                      Contact the Library to sign up.  ​starts on March 11th.

Saturday                     8AM-9AM                  TAI CHI  @ MASS TKD Academy, 50 Bond Ave., East Longmeadow, MA
                                                                         $10 per class

                                                                         Combined class-Long Form, Short Form, Qigong, Silk Reeling, and Zhan Zhaung  

​​Tuesday                      2PM-3PM                  VETERANS QIGONG @ Leeds VA Hospital, Northampton, MA                                                                                                                                                 Traditional Qigong sets, Silk Reeling and Zhan Zhaung.

                                                                         This is a free program.  Takes place at the Rec Hall

Learn to move and breathe to improve your health!.

Tuesday                       9 AM-10 AM             VETERANS QIGONG @ The Vet Center, West Springfield, MA
     NEW DAY                                                  This is a free program for any Veteran who signs up at the Vet Center

     NEW TIME                                                 New students come in at any time



Friday                         10AM-11AM              TAI CHI SHORT  FORM @ The Agawam Senior Center, Agawam, MA

 New class             starts on march 8th     Intro to Tai Chi Short Form with some Qigong.  Contact the Senior Center for info.


We are always looking to add classes, private lessons, workshops and staff development.  Please contact us if you have needs.

*Clothing requirement for class
Barefeet, socks, or "indoor shoes"
Loose, comfortable clothing
That's it!

​All classes $10 or $5 or $2
No contracts
No additional fees 
New students welcome at any time, except for Long Form Class.