Tai Chi is not just for the martial artist. It is a program for all ages and fitness levels. Ritch Ryan's emphasis on Tai Chi as an exercise system makes this program appropriate for people with a wide range of physical abilities. Areas of instruction in our typical class include Yang style Short form, Long form, Qigong, Silk Reeling and Zhan Zhuang.  Ritch has a special interest in using tai chi to rebuild health, rehab injuries and combat fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's and Cancer.

This is the ultimate exercise.

In addition, we now offer a program for our wounded Veterans called VETERANS QIGONG​.  This is a free class designed to help with stress, chronic pain, anger issues, fitness and overall health.  Two sites are currently running this class--THE VET CENTER, in West Springfield and at Leeds VA Hospital in Northampton, Ma. 

If classes are not suitable, consider private lessons for any part of our curriculum.  Prices are very reasonable and locations can be worked out to meet your needs. 

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The Ultimate Experience

Learn to move & breath in ways that can...

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